Generate Solar

Generate Solar provides permanent, flexible financing programs for solar developers building Enterprise or Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar projects. Our program provides the entire capital stack to build and operate the solar systems. Generate Solar delivers flexibility, transparency, and speed for developers through standardized submission, assessment, underwriting and approval processes necessary to successfully build projects of varying sizes. We look for long-term, trusted relationships with our partners to scale their businesses and bring solar power to the many customers who deserve cheaper, better, more sustainable energy.

Generate Solar is a subsidiary of Generate Capital, Inc., a specialty finance company that builds, owns, operates, and finances infrastructure assets involving the world’s most critical resources: energy, water, agriculture, waste, and transportation.




The Generate Solar financing program specifically targets small to mid-scale enterprise, commercial & industrial projects for both rated and unrated energy customers — many of which have historically been ignored or under-served by traditional sources of capital.

We look for projects with the following requirements:

Size: 250kW to 2MW

Equipment: All equipment must come from our pre-approved vendors list, including Tier 1 panels and inverters

Design: Project output no larger than 70% of total site power consumption; completed PVSyst/PVwatts analysis

Economics: Project must offer customer at least 10% energy savings to current electricity bill

EPC: 3 years active history developing similar projects; prior completion of at least 5MW of projects in aggregate; prior experience developing successful projects in state of new projects to be financed

Geography: Generate Solar works across the United States, including Puerto Rico

Customers: 3 years of audited financial returns (tax returns not sufficient); property title with proof of ownership

Contracts and Documentation: Completed off-taker agreements (Generate PPA and site lease); customer savings: at least 10% cost avoidance; dataroom for all project documentation; preliminary design drawings and avoided cost analysis; roof assessments (when applicable)